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Should You Actually Want to Be a Media Company?


If you’ve come to hear Devin Reed at his spiciest, you’ve come to the right place.

Devin (Clari), Anthony Kennada (AudiencePlus), and Morgan J. Ingram (AMP) join host Mark Huber to talk very blatantly about the state of B2B content in 2024.

What’s working in B2B content


All 3 of the guys share their actual metrics of success for great content, and how to keep content plans in check based on the cold hard facts.

What’s not working in B2B content


”Steal my template, bro” bro’s…beware. You’re not safe in this convo.

The key takeaways

  • Differentiate your content: In the age of plagiarism and content regurgitation, B2B marketers are urged to create unique video content that showcases individual delivery and experiences, making it more difficult to duplicate and helping brands stand out.
  • Focus on authenticity: Authenticity in content creation has never been more critical, as social media is rife with exaggerated and false claims. Customers crave truthful and charismatic communication, which in turn can build real relationships and drive business growth.
  • Use subject matter experts: Amplifying subject matter experts is crucial for B2B success. Marketers should incorporate experts into their content strategy – including internal executives and customers – to establish credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Prioritize charisma, credibility, and character: When evaluating potential influencers or brand ambassadors, B2B marketers should look for individuals who not only possess expertise but also embody charisma and character that align with the brand’s reputation.
  • Create for humans, not algorithms: Marketers are encouraged to produce valuable content tailored to human interests rather than solely focusing on SEO and algorithm-driven engagement. Building brand awareness and thought leadership is about winning mind share, which can eventually lead to winning market share.

The things to listen for

00:00 Helping companies become media companies, creating categories

04:30 “People want to feel great, do nothing.”

08:16 Unique challenges arising from international content theft

13:08 Content marketing for SEO in B2B explained

13:59 Creating valuable content captures authentic audience attention

19:12 Diverse content formats can enhance audience reach

21:25 Corporate marketing and thought leadership driving revenue

25:32 Amplifying experts and building media strategy

28:27 Risk, credibility, and character are crucial elements

32:10 Agree, build true advisor board for feedback

36:34 Past advisory agreements consisted of equity deals

38:47 Influential voices validated new product launch success

43:35 Evaluate audience and pipeline growth for credibility

44:26 Growing following, gating content to monetize

48:52 Avoid online toxicity, focus on respectful disagreement

The recap

Dive in as Mark Huber orchestrates a dynamite dialogue with mavens Anthony Kennada, Morgan J. Ingram, and Devin Reed on the wilds of content marketing. Devin kicks things off with a stark warning about the digital underworld of plagiarism and SEO hijacking. Morgan jumps in with tales of protecting your brainchild against unsanctioned swipes and translations.

Devin makes a play for video content’s charm, championing its knack for keeping authenticity alive. The trio unanimously calls for props to original creators and the savvy move of leveraging organic follower swarms.

They then tear into the algorithm-pleasing content rut, rallying for creations that strike a chord with real folks. They contrast the SEO-rigged B2B playbook with a fresh, relationship-centric approach that transcends digital platforms.

Cue the vent on social media’s fakes and the clickbait quagmire, pushing for a return to genuine engagements. They dive into the trend of brands morphing into media moguls, pre-launch thought leadership, and the gold standard of credibility in measuring content’s clout.

Highlight reel moment: Devin jests about founding Audience Plus, while Anthony sketches out his micro advisor collab strategy, offering a glimpse into content innovation.

They wrap with a nod to the power of brand champions and the golden rule of honesty in influencer gigs. Mark teases a future brain-picking session with Jason Lemkin, rounding off with a shoutout to the wisdom shared.

Packed with insights on diversifying content, spotlighting experts, and nailing a solid media game plan, this episode of The Proof Point is your go-to for mastering the B2B content marketing game.

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