Opinions Are Cheap. Proof Is Gold. Welcome to The Proof Point, a New Show for GTM Teams From UserEvidence.
Introducing UserEvidence Research Content: Turn market research into original content that builds authority.

UserEvidence for Customer Marketing

Your customer content machine

Avoid request overload, automate content creation, and spend more time on bigger advocacy priorities.

Helping customer marketers work more effectively

Customer marketers are stuck on advocacy island

Running interviews, endless follow-up loops, and begging for approvals. A soul-crushing process that lets new requests pile up every week. Customer stories are the most frustrating part of your job. With less time and fewer people to get the work done, you don’t know where or how to get started.


Stretch each customer request further

UserEvidence reduces the number of new marketing requests by repurposing survey responses into testimonials, case studies, and product stats.


Get more from your happy customers

UserEvidence routes happy customers to leave reviews on third-party sites and identify new advocates - without creating more manual work for you.


Automate customer content creation

UserEvidence eliminates manual work to create customer stories so you can focus on strategic priorities like advisory boards, events, and communities.

Turn happy customers
into your best sellers.

Why customer marketers can't live without UserEvidence

More consolidation

UserEvidence reduces the number of marketing requests so you can prevent customer feedback fatigue and avoid request overload.

More content

UserEvidence automates content creation and keeps everything on-brand so you aren’t stuck hacking it together in Canva or waiting on your design team.

More time

UserEvidence eliminates the need to annoy customers for new reference content so you can save your brain for the big stuff like advisory boards, events and community.

Turn happy customers
into your best sellers.