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Ian  Floyd
Content Marketing Manager
Cache Walker
Sr. Customer Advocacy Manager
Jane Menyo
Head of Customer Marketing

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Social proof sells when you aren't there

Axel Sukianto
Director, Demand Generation
“Reading Evidently is one of my ‘cheat codes’ to becoming a better B2B marketer. It goes beyond the surface-level, thought-leadership-y stuff. It’s a must read for any B2B marketer.”
Matthew Reeves
“Evidently is a newsletter with an actual POV. I love seeing this in my inbox and actually read everyone.”
Victoria Sakal
Head of Growth
“With so many B2B newsletters claiming to be the next big thing, I’ve really appreciated Mark’s honest takes on what’s actually working and what isn’t (along with how and why). Enjoying learning from the best!”
Eric Holland
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CureMint
“There’s nothing in my B2B world quite like survey day with UserEvidence. Instead of pulling my hair out for data and customer wins… I get to sit back, relax, and watch the gold rush.”
Udi Ledergor
Chief Evangelist, Gong
“UserEvidence helps Gong showcase the value our platform provides by generating high-quality customer proof. With the ability to scale content creation, we can dedicate more time to enabling our sellers and building relationships with advocates.”
Charlotte Lilley
Head of Global Customer Marketing, Coupa
“Coupa customers are the best sellers we have. With thousands of customers across different product lines, industries, and geographies, we needed a solution that would enable us to leverage the voice of the customer at scale. UserEvidence enables our go-to-market team to put customers on the front lines of our messaging.”
Meghan Keaney Anderson
VP of Marketing, Jasper.ai
“As one of the earliest companies making generative AI software for businesses, we know how valuable customer testimonials are in building trust in an emerging or rapidly changing field. UserEvidence helps us capture and leverage this customer feedback at scale. Happy customers have always been one of the strongest marketing channels, but heading into a time of significant change in the ways people discover businesses, it has never been more important.”
Karlie Briggs
Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Postal.io
“UserEvidence is very unique in that it generates assets automatically for you vs. having to then create again outside of the tool. There’s a great way to promote additional surveys at the end of the User Evidence survey as well which we love. All and all, great tool 10/10 would recommend.”
Sam Swain
Senior Product Marketing Manager, BILL
“Love how quick and easy our sales or marketing teams can grab a stat or a metric to leverage in anything from a cold prospect email, a piece of marketing content, or even in a pitch deck to really show the power of our software, and what our customers really think about it.”
Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh
VP of Marketing, Postal.io
“UserEvidence helps us 10x the output of a one person team by helping to collect, digest, organize and surface customer feedback and stats.”
James Winter
Head of Marketing, Telescope Partners
“UserEvidence takes what used to be a hodgepodge of various platforms and integrations and makes it easy to do from one place. It allows us to thread a bunch of different initiatives like quotes, reviews, NPS etc… in one place automatically.”

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