Introducing UserEvidence Research Content: Turn market research into original content that builds authority.

The cheat code for customer evidence

UserEvidence creates a self-serve library with verified customer evidence so your GTM team can increase trust with buyers and close more deals.

How UserEvidence works

See our customer evidence platform for yourself

UserEvidence is your always-on customer marketer

Make it easier on you and your customers

  • Capture customer feedback in a scalable way without throwing more people at work that can be automated
  • Eliminate reactive content requests from your Sales team so you don’t overwhelm and annoy your customers
  • Let customers share their successes off the record and avoid jumping through legal and PR approval hoops

Send happy customers to leave new reviews

  • Repurpose customer survey feedback into reviews on sites like G2 and TrustRadius, stretching content further
  • Eliminate last-minute quarterly review deadline chaos by continuously capturing reviews from your customer base
  • Send incentives to customers who left new reviews to say thanks for hyping up your company externally

Turn new fans into customer advocates

  • Identify new customers for bigger advocacy requests like reference calls, referrals, and speaking at events
  • Grow your advocate pool so you can use different names for different needs without overusing the same people
  • Get direct access to customers and avoid bottlenecks with other internal teams to find new candidates

Push content to where your GTM team lives

No one wants another tool or Google Chrome tab to log into. UserEvidence integrates with the tools your GTM team already uses everyday.

Turn happy customers
into your best sellers.