Introducing UserEvidence Research Content: Turn market research into original content that builds authority.
UserEvidence + Sales Enablement Tools

Sellers need relevant customer evidence

They don’t need another tool to search for content your buyers are asking for. Push UserEvidence generated content directly to Highspot and Seismic.

Making it easier for sellers to find the content they need

UserEvidence turns this pipe dream into a reality

New customer evidence can be pushed directly to Highspot and Seismic without any manual work. This makes it easier for sellers to find the content they need (in less time), build trust with buyers, and close more deals.

Feed your sales team with new customer evidence

UserEvidence generated content has increased the effectiveness of our outbound prospecting by 50%.
Susan Roberts
Sales Manager, ResiDex Software

Sellers should be selling, not searching for content

Hyper-specific customer evidence

Make it easier for sellers to find relevant examples (without Slacking you) by organizing content based on industry, role, company size, and use case.

Content tagging and taxonomy

Keep custom tags and metadata from UserEvidence when syncing to Highspot or Seismic so you can quickly search for customer evidence.

Bi-directional Integrations

Automatically push UserEvidence generated content to Highspot and Seismic so you don't waste your time downloading and uploading new content.

How UserEvidence powers sales enablement tools


Keep your content library fully stocked

What’s a library without any books? Useless. The same goes for sales enablement tools like Highspot and Seismic when they aren’t fully stocked with customer evidence. Your sellers won’t bother logging in if they can’t find the content they need.


Give sellers relevant and specific content

Expecting your Sales team to hit quota with the same generic customer examples is a huge miss. UserEvidence puts relevant customer relevant evidence in the hands of your sellers for every type of buyer conversation imaginable.


Live where your Sales team already works

Sellers are overwhelmed by bloated sales tech stacks. Enablement tools go unused when they create more work, new workflows, and steep learning curves. UserEvidences pushes new customer evidence directly to tools they use everyday.

Stop searching for evidence
and start closing more deals.