Opinions Are Cheap. Proof Is Gold. Welcome to The Proof Point, a New Show for GTM Teams From UserEvidence.
Introducing UserEvidence Research Content: Turn market research into original content that builds authority.
UserEvidence + Reference Management Tools

Become a lean, mean, advocacy machine

Combine UserEvidence with your favorite reference management tools to find advocates faster and share customer evidence across your team.

Helping B2B customer marketers source new customer advocates

Make it easier to find customer advocates

Whether you’re a team of one or a full-on department, finding advocates, interviewing them, getting stories, and turning them into content doesn’t scale easily. UserEvidence lets you send surveys that get proof points on ROI, product usage stats, and competitive intelligence — then integrates them directly into your reference management tool of choice.

UserEvidence works with:

See how Netskope created a customer advocacy flywheel

Cache Walker at Netskope combined UserEvidence + SlapFive to build and scale up a customer advocacy program as a tiny (but mighty) team of one.

Build a customer evidence program your sales team will love

Figure out ROI

Stop guesstimating the size of your impact. Ask targeted questions about the kind of value your users are getting out of your platform, and turn them into hard numbers that buyers will actually believe.

Get competitive intelligence

Ask which competitors your users considered, and why they ultimately chose your business instead. You’ll be able to figure out what makes your special sauce so special — and show prospects which use cases you fit.

Find relevant product usage stats

See which features your users love, then showcase them in your marketing. Spot potential churn-inducing sticking points before they become holes in your client roster. You’ll get a better idea of how people are using your product, and what they want to see improved.

Get off customer advocacy island


Feed UserEvidence data directly into your reference management tool

An API integration makes it easy. Search customer profiles in your reference management tool against indicators from UserEvidence surveys, see the advocacy activities they’ve already participated in, and what they have to say, all in one spot.


See the content assets across your tech stack

Stop wasting time with context switching. UserEvidence floats the best bits of customer evidence across your entire GTM tech stack so your team can quickly find the content they need in the apps they’re already using.


Make the impact hyper-visible

Easily showcase the insights you’ve found, advocacy activities you’ve done, and customer wins all in a single, easy-to-access location. Your whole team will be excited about the program — and motivated to go out and get more wins.

Scale up advocacy
without any headaches