UserEvidence for Product Marketing

Your always-on feedback loop

Use customer feedback to back up big claims with real data, nail new product messaging, and build something your buyers actually need.

Helping product marketers capture the voice of the customer

Product marketers work way too hard to get feedback

Time-consuming interviews, scattered feedback across siloed channels, and no direct access to customers. It’s a never-ending struggle to hear from end users and there’s no good way to make sense of it all. You’re flying blind without getting regular feedback from your customer base.

Why product marketers rely on UserEvidence

More competitive intel

UserEvidence makes it easier to capture and share competitive intelligence on why customers chose you over your direct competitors.

More product insights

UserEvidence shines a light on how customers are experiencing and using your product, even if it’s not always positive feedback.

More proof points

UserEvidence aggregates survey data so you can back up product claims with anonymized (and believable) customer data.
Turn happy customers
into your best sellers.