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Here’s what GTM teams are missing: proof.

That’s what I think every morning when I fire up LinkedIn and scroll through boring manifestos and endless lukewarm takes.

The Proof Point is a new show from UserEvidence that helps GTM teams find ideas, frameworks, and tactics that actually work.

Each episode includes an unfiltered discussion with the biggest names in B2B to help find the proof points I’m in search of.

Because opinions are cheap. And proof is gold.



Why Competitive Intelligence Is More Than Battle Cards

Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Clara Smyth, and Alex Eaton share how to gather actionable insights, understand your competitors’ strategies, and effectively position your product in crowded markets.

Churn Is a Company Problem, Not a Customer Success Problem

Sy Pendergast, Lauren Alt Kishpaugh, and Myles Bradwell get real about what actually causes customers to churn and break the myth that churn is just a Customer Success problem.

What’s Wrong With Calendly’s Homepage?

Jeff Hardison gets to defend Calendly’s homepage messaging in a LinkedIn-post-turned-Proof-Point-debate with Rob Kaminski.

How to Write Stories Your Sales Team Will Actually Use

April Dunford, Kyle Lacy, and Marcus Andrews dive into storytelling and how to write stories your sales team will actually use.

Using Features vs. Benefits vs. Outcomes in Your Messaging

Anthony Pierri, Emma Stratton, and Chris Orlob tell us where to shift our focus in messaging so it actually lands with your buyers.

Are You Doing Enough Research?

Amanda Natividad, MJ Smith, and Evan Huck talk about all things research for B2B marketers: audiences, customers, and markets.

Why Most Revenue Models Fail (and How To Make Yours Better)

Adam Goyette, Emily Kramer, and Jeff Ignacio spill the tea on how to craft killer revenue models and share how they think about growth.

What Does ‘ICP Fit’ Actually Mean?

Adam Schoenfeld, Trinity Nguyen, and Jarod Greene dig into some of the most common misconceptions around TAM, ICP, and ID’ing fit.

Why Hasn’t the B2B Sales Playbook Changed?

Nate Nasralla, Rachel Shi, and Mark Kosoglow share their theories on why B2B sellers keep using the same old playbooks.

Why Your GTM Messaging Fails (and How to Fix It)

Jen Allen-Knuth, Kaylee Edmondson, and Jason Oakley share their biggest learnings to create GTM messaging that resonates.

Should You Actually Want to Be a Media Company?

Devin Reed, Anthony Kennada, and Morgan J. Ingram talk with Mark (very blatantly) about the state of B2B content in 2024.

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