UserEvidence Raises $9M in Series A Funding for Customer Voice Platform

Turn happy customers into your best sellers

UserEvidence automates social proof for GTM teams. Generate verified customer evidence, product stats, and ROI data in minutes.

Scaling social proof for the biggest names in B2B

Buyers don’t trust software vendors

Buyers don’t always believe what you tell them because they’ve been burned too many times before. Buyers don’t want to put a target on their backs if they buy new tech that flops. Buyers need proof your product actually works.

That’s where UserEvidence comes in

Use your most valuable (and untapped) marketing channel: your customers. Our customer voice platform turns customer feedback into verified proof points in minutes. The kind of proof you actually believe too. Not the “customer X increased ROI by 9000% in 45 days” kind every CFO laughs at.

Always-on feedback loop

Don't annoy your customers with disjointed requests from different internal teams. Turn the voice of the customer into marketing content, NPS scores, and product feedback.

Validation from your customers

Show the value of your product backed by credible customer data. Reinforce big claims using dollars and hours so your buyers are confident they’re making the right decision.

On-brand content at scale

Automatically turn customer insights into shareable content that actually looks good. Your design team will be shocked (and happy) they didn’t need to create it themselves.

A customer story library for your entire GTM team

Customer Marketing

Bothering internal teams and stitching Google Sheets together to manage everything takes way too much time. Use one platform to collect, manage, and share your best customer content.

Sales Enablement

Constantly asking for content on specific use cases and industries won’t make you any friends on the marketing team. Find the latest content in one place so you can easily share it with prospects.

Product Marketing

Writing case studies and finding testimonials is at the bottom of every product marketer’s priority list. Automate content creation so you can focus on more strategic work.

Sales Leaders

Your sales team is tired of using (and reusing) the same generic customer stories for every conversation. Give your sellers verified product stats and ROI data to close the trust gap with buyers.

Demand Generation

Running paid campaigns with generic claims doesn’t cut it anymore. Increase conversion with targeted social proof that looks just like your buyers and the companies they work at.

You'll see ROI out of UserEvidence if you check these boxes:

You work at a B2B hardware, product, or software company

You sell expensive contracts in competitive markets

You have at least 500 users to collect feedback from

You need content that proves the value of your solution

Meghan Keaney Anderson
VP of Marketing,
“As one of the earliest companies making generative AI software for businesses, we know how valuable customer testimonials are in building trust in an emerging or rapidly changing field. UserEvidence helps us capture and leverage this customer feedback at scale. Happy customers have always been one of the strongest marketing channels, but heading into a time of significant change in the ways people discover businesses, it has never been more important.”
Udi Ledergor
Chief Evangelist, Gong
“UserEvidence helps Gong showcase the value our platform provides by generating high-quality customer proof. With the ability to scale content creation, we can dedicate more time to enabling our sellers and building relationships with advocates.”
Charlotte Lilley
Head of Global Customer Marketing, Coupa
“Coupa customers are the best sellers we have. With thousands of customers across different product lines, industries, and geographies, we needed a solution that would enable us to leverage the voice of the customer at scale. UserEvidence enables our go-to-market team to put customers on the front lines of our messaging.”
Turn happy customers
into your best sellers