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Accelerate Your Advocacy Program with These 12 Expert Customer Marketing Managed Service Providers

We recently released our 2023/2024 customer marketing tech landscape, which details 12 categories and over 80+ vendors in the customer marketing space. Category 9 on our list highlights some of the top customer marketing managed service providers in the world. 

Customer marketing is hard work. It takes identifying your best advocates, finding a way to reach out to them, creating the actual advocacy content, and then developing a strategy to effectively distribute that content across channels. 

Whether you’re launching a customer marketing program from the ground up, need extra support in a specific area, or just an outside perspective on your existing efforts, we’ve curated an impressive list of service providers for you to explore.

         These platforms are presented in no particular order. ⬇️ 

Porter Consulting

Porter Consulting has provided flexible, outsourced services to technology-driven enterprises across the globe for the better part of two decades. From customer advocacy management, to case study development, customer reference databases, and short video testimonials, Porter Consulting plugs in wherever you need them most to level up your customer marketing game. 


Accenture is the definition of full-service. With well over half a million employees serving over 9,000 clients worldwide, Accenture has mastered the art of unprecedented growth by strategically investing in specialized agencies that expand on their vast menu of offerings. Via their acquisition of the marketing agency Yesler in 2020, they now offer customer marketing services for those wanting the resources of a Fortune 500 company, with the high-touch attention of a regional agency. Learn more about Accenture on G2. 

G2 Score: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Advocacy Maven

Offering a full suite of advocacy services, Advocacy Maven helps you nurture the brand-human relationship from initial identification of your best advocates, to the eventual production and amplification of content. Better yet, Advocacy Maven has transparent pricing so you can quickly make a decision and launch your customer marketing program. Read reviews for Advocacy Maven on G2. 

G2 Score: 4.9 out of 5

Big Sky Communications

Big Sky was doing customer marketing before it was cool—since 1994, and has worked with clients such as Adobe, Coursera, and Meta. Big Sky goes beyond just the traditional customer marketing services you would expect, offering customer advisory boards, customer awards programs, executive engagement programs, partner marketing programs, and user groups. Read more about what they have to offer on their website. 


Referential boasts a 38% average recruitment rate compared to the industry standard of 25%. And while they offer all the expected services of a highly-specialized customer marketing consultancy, Referential also provides in-depth training to empower your customer marketers to be the best they can be. 


Having previously worked with the likes of Microsoft, Twitter, and Visa, Wings4U knows a thing or two about driving revenue growth through customer marketing. Specializing in customer advocacy programs, customer stories, content development and even talent acquisition, Wings4U is an ideal choice for customer marketers in the B2B space.

Frank Advocacy

Founded by two sisters with a penchant for honesty and shared expertise in marketing strategy and relationship-building, Frank is a flexible partner for customer marketers that value authentic advocacy. Beyond the services you would expect from a customer advocacy agency, Frank can also help you organize a customer advisory board to offer feedback and insights into your latest products or connect prospects with your happiest current customers in sales reference calls. For more information on Frank Advocacy, visit their website.


Relationships are MRM’s middle name—literally. This full-service agency partners with the top tech companies in the world to deliver data-driven marketing strategies that help you turn positive customer experiences into healthy, growing client relationships. See the work they’ve done here


inEvidence is a specialized customer marketing agency that prides themselves on being expert storytellers. Their global team of experts excel in capturing video, the written word, design, and live events to tell customer stories in any language and on any platform. Visit their website to learn more.

Uplift Content

In many cases, content creation is the most labor-intensive part of your job. Luckily for you, Uplift Content specializes in content writing (specifically customer stories) for high-growth software companies. Simply put, if you need to get a lot of quality content out fast, then Uplift Content is your solution. 

Case Study Buddy

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated customer marketing department, but imagine if you went one step further and had a dedicated customer story department—that’s Case Study Buddy in a nutshell. Garnering a rare 5 out of 5 star rating on G2, Case Study Buddy is the ideal end-to-end partner that can turn a single customer story into several great pieces of collateral, from written case studies, to remote video testimonials, on-site video, and promo materials. 

G2 Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Captivate Collective

Captivate Collective stresses the importance of prioritizing strategy over software. Their vendor-agnostic approach to customer marketing sets them apart as an agency that’s deeply devoted to understanding your customers. Their Advocacy Foundations package features up to five 1:1 customer discovery sessions, 6 hours of workshops with your team, and a comprehensive action-oriented strategy.  

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing your customer marketing doesn’t just fill gaps in your capabilities, it brings in more ideas of how you can best leverage your best advocates. We hope this list has inspired you to level up your customer marketing program. 

For more reading, you can download our 2023/2024 Customer Marketing Tech Landscape. It features 11 more categories with over 80 vendors.

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