Revive Your Leads: Discover How to Reignite Their Interest with Targeted Content

So your super promising lead has gone cold… You’ve put in all the effort to capture their attention, nurture the relationship, and guide them along your predefined sales journey.

But it suddenly came to an abrupt halt. It’s a frustrating experience that many of us encounter. When 91% of marketers say lead generation is their most important goal, it’s never a good feeling when one slips away.

It can leave you wondering what went wrong and how you can fix it in the future. Yet, there may still be time to reignite that initial spark and revive their waning interest.

In this blog, we have a few solutions you can use to turn things around—to turn that frown upside down if you will—so you can once again captivate your leads and change them into loyal customers by using targeted content. ➡️

Let’s get into it.

The power of targeted content

When it comes to reviving your leads, targeted content acts like CPR—literally shocking new life into your cold dead leads. ☠️

Generic messages and one-size-fits-all approaches no longer cut it in today’s competitive market. By layering your content with customer evidence, a persuasive content form that showcases your product’s value through customer testimonials, you can capture your leads’ attention and reignite their interest by addressing their specific needs, pain points, and interests.

This type of targeted content allows you to deliver personalized and relevant messages that resonate with your audience on a deeper level. It helps you:

  • Build trust
  • Establish your expertise
  • Position your brand as THE valuable resource

By understanding your leads’ preferences and crafting content that speaks directly to them, you can create a meaningful connection that drives engagement, increases conversions, and ultimately leads to a revival of their interest in your offerings. 

The power of targeted content lies in its ability to make your leads feel understood, valued, and motivated to take action. Prioritize this, and it will result in a more successful lead nurturing and conversion process. ✅

Run a segmented email nurture campaign

Running an email nurture campaign is a key strategy to revive your leads and reignite their interest in your offers. Why? Email marketing has a 2x higher return than picking up the phone. ❌ ☎️

Before you blast out a generic email, let’s take a step back. A crucial aspect of a successful campaign is segmenting your leads based on their current stage in your defined customer journey. By dividing your leads into different stages, such as…

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision-making

…you can tailor your email content to address their specific needs and guide them toward the next stage.

For leads in the awareness stage, focus on providing high-level educational content that highlights the benefits and solutions your offer provides. Remember, the goal of reviving a lead isn’t to sell them right away. We want to encourage them to get back on the path of the buyer’s journey. Offer up more in-depth product information for leads in the consideration stage, like:

This marketing collateral will help them further evaluate what your offer brings to the table as you shine a light on the important areas you want them to see.

For leads in the decision-making stage, you’ll want to provide compelling offers with a clear call to action (CTA) to nudge them to make a decision. Don’t force it, though. This is a nurturing campaign. We’re not trying to send them back to the frigid tundra here.

By segmenting your leads this way and running a well-crafted email nurture campaign for each segment, you can effectively deliver targeted content that speaks directly to their interests and concerns—crafted specifically for their current stage.

Retarget through paid search and social

Retargeting your leads through paid search and paid social channels is a great way to reach them with your targeted content.

By leveraging the data you have on your leads, you can create custom audiences and display ads specifically tailored to their preferences and previous interactions with your brand.

With paid search campaigns, you can display ads to leads who have shown interest in relevant keywords or visited specific pages on your website. On social media platforms, you can retarget leads based on their engagement with your previous posts, website visits, or interactions with your brand’s social media profiles. You’ll want to dig into your analytic dashboards to extract as much information as you can.

A key advantage of retargeting is the ability to recycle your best-performing ads. By analyzing the performance metrics of your previous campaigns, you can identify the ads that resonated the most with your audience. Now you have a foundation to start from and begin creating new iterations to use. Another consideration is using competitive marketing to determine other areas of interest you could use to grab your leads’ attention.

Ultimately, using detailed analytics allows you to optimize your targeting and messaging based on proven success. If it worked in the past, chances are it’ll serve you well in your efforts to warm up cold leads.

Bolster your targeted content with customer evidence

Using customer evidence to enhance your targeted content can immensely strengthen the impact of your messaging.

By incorporating real-life testimonials, case studies, and success stories from your satisfied customers, you can add an important layer of credibility. It instills trust in your brand, making it more likely for the cold leads to rekindle their interest in your offers.

When crafting your targeted content, weave in customer evidence that highlights the specific benefits and outcomes that your segmented audience is looking for. By bolstering your messaging with the voice of your customer, you create a compelling narrative that can resonate with your leads and motivate them to take that next step in your buyer’s journey.

Leveraging customer evidence in your targeted content not only amplifies the impact of your messaging but also paves the way for meaningful connections—ultimately leading to more conversions.

Final thoughts

Reviving your leads and reigniting their interest is crucial for driving conversions and achieving true business growth. By using the actionable tips outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to success.

However, collecting powerful customer evidence to use in your targeted content is a common stumbling block among many businesses. With UserEvidence, you can collect the exact collateral you’ll need for your retargeting efforts, like:

  • Case Studies
  • Statistic Reports
  • Customer Spotlights
  • Visual Charts & Graphs

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